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Our Story

Image Title: Isle of Anglesey, Wales 2015
Isle of Anglesey, Wales 2015
Image Title: Artic Circle, Finland 2015
Artic Circle, Finland 2015
Image Title: Barcelona, Spain 2015
Barcelona, Spain 2015
Image Title: Antarctica, 2017
Antarctica, 2017

We are American Expats living between Manchester in the United Kingdom and Washington State in the US when we are not traveling.  After nearly 30 years with Phil working as an engineering executive and Diane raising our two daughters while working part-time, we decided to stop working full-time and begin exploring the world during our gap years between children and grandchildren.  

With many personal friends and family following our travels, we decided to begin blogging about them with the philosophy that our door is always open to others who want to share our adventures.

We hope you enjoy our blog and invite you to comment or share with others if you would like.


Phil & Diane

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